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CEC offers years of experience in commercial construction sector with a history of creating innovative designs. From standard retail to intensive manufacturing environments, every project we undertake benefits from smarter and more efficient applications of structural engineering methodologies. Our extensive design-build experience with architects, developers, contractors, and steel fabricators give us a better insight into the most economical way to design and build a building. As engineers we take advantage of a few small items and options that the building codes allow us that many engineers are not aware of.

In this section, we feature a wide range of commercial projects, each offering specific challenges that were only overcome with our balance of ingenuity and experience.

Learn more about our core competencies by taking a closer look at CEC's past commercial projects. Our commitment to quality and time-sensitive delivery is the reason why some of the best developers in the business work with us in the following commercial project types:

- Automotive
- Distribution
- Industrial
- Offices
- Institutional
- Restaurants
- Retail
- Value Engineering


Since 2005, CEC has provided Centex Homes with value based structural engineering design services in support of Centex's goal to achieve construction consistency using industry best practices.
Elizabeth Morse
Manager - Architectural Div.
Centex Homes