Consulting Engineers, Corp. | Residential

CEC offers years of experience in the residential construction sector with a history of creating innovative designs. From high-end custom homes to production homes and remodeling, every project we undertake benefits from smarter and more efficient applications of structural engineering methodologies.

In this section, we feature a wide range of residential projects, each offering specific challenges that were only overcome with our balance of ingenuity and experience.

Our long-term partnering focus with top US builders and architects have enabled us to push the design envelope. Our residential projects and capabilities include the following project types:

- Production Homes
- High-End Custom Homes
- Row House
- Remodel
- Multi-Family
- Recreational Structures
- Earth Retaining Structures


CEC has provided our firm engineering services that have often covered the cost of their fees through the overall savings of materials and labor due to their efficient design.
Kevin D. McCoy
McCoy & Houck Inc.