Consulting Engineers, Corp. | Residential

CEC offers years of experience in the residential construction sector with a history of creating innovative designs. From high-end custom homes to production homes and remodeling, every project we undertake benefits from smarter and more efficient applications of structural engineering methodologies.

In this section, we feature a wide range of residential projects, each offering specific challenges that were only overcome with our balance of ingenuity and experience.

Our long-term partnering focus with top US builders and architects have enabled us to push the design envelope. Our residential projects and capabilities include the following project types:

- Production Homes
- High-End Custom Homes
- Row House
- Remodel
- Multi-Family
- Recreational Structures
- Earth Retaining Structures


Having being in this industry for last 37 years, I can say that CEC is a class above the rest when it comes to solving complex, practical structural problems.
Hubert McGee
McGee's Mobile Crane, Inc