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Inspection Services

Structural Evaluations

As part of verifying the general compliance of the structure with the county / city approved construction documents, CEC is eligible to perform a special inspection program at each significant construction stage. Typically, representatives of CEC personally meet with representatives of the local building authority, discussing roles and responsibilities of each party member, which is followed through by inspections, documentation, record keeping and/or material testing.

Third Party Inspection Program

CEC is an authorized third party inspection service at various phases during construction for numerous counties within the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Concrete & Masonry Inspection

CEC performs multiple concrete and masonry testing during construction including concrete Cylinder Test, Grout Test, Prism Test, etc.

Field Inspection and Report

CEC performs various field inspections for residential and commercial projects providing detailed reports of our findings and preparing economical remedial solutions.


CEC has provided our firm engineering services that have often covered the cost of their fees through the overall savings of materials and labor due to their efficient design.
Kevin D. McCoy
McCoy & Houck Inc.