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Cold Formed Steel
CFS is replacing use of wood (lumber) in the Residential and Light Commercial Buildings to help in conserving forest resource. This not only helps in marginal savings in cost but also gives you 90% of reliable material for reuse in case of any change. The Engineering evolution of such structure requires in depth knowledge of framing of such structures and entails the details of services with jeopardizing the structural integrity.

Introduction of CFS

At CEC (Consulting Engineers Corporation) we give complete building solutions related to CFS, following the code provisions and lateral load design and detailing for wind and seismic besides gravity loads. Also CNC files are prepared if required to give our customers the end solutions in CFS.

Our Team of experts includes structural engineers, designers, and quality technicians. We supervise all the fabrication work and assemble all the structures and make sure that the whole process is well integrated. Finally, we take utmost care that steel structures and frames reaches the desired destination in timely manner.


CEC has provided our firm engineering services that have often covered the cost of their fees through the overall savings of materials and labor due to their efficient design.
Kevin D. McCoy
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