At CEC, we believe in achieving strategic results for our clients by combining an understanding of their people and process with a collaborative design process. We design environments for people that deliver great experiences. We are committed to market-specific expertise allowing us to provide informed strategy and creative intuition in Higher Education, Retail, Science, and Workplace. Our people-focused solutions integrate this expertise with inspiration, creativity and talent that deliver dynamic, transformative results for our clients. CEC has dedicated itself to providing timely, value-engineered design solutions for its client.

We strive to build a strong collaborative team environment essential to allowing us to serve as your partner in structural engineering.


Searching for a much needed structural engineer ended when I discovered CEC's unique design and production techniques. CEC has provided a professional insight into the way structural engineering should be treated.
Harry B. Adreon, AIA
Harry B. Adreon Architect

We hold innovative thinking, organization and efficiency as our most valued ideals. All three of these ideals play important roles in our process, as they help us maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.